Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm back.

The last post got me thinking. Yeah, that happens rarely these days and is, therefore, worthy of mention. It got me thinking about how I've always sucked at answering hypothetical questions. Would I like to be reborn as myself? Are there ten people who are now dead that I'd like to meet? What was my favorite childhood cartoon? I can never get around to answering these without first asking myself: is rebirth possible, are there even ten living people I truly like to meet and what childhood. Has life ever seemed utterly pointless to you? It did to me yesterday as my ass was settling into premature rigor mortis after riding pillion on an irritatingly slow bike just to get from here to a far away there. We travel all over the world. And answer hypothetical questions every now and then. And then one day we die? That's all? Such a bloody waste of time.

Such a bloody waste of time but then what else could one do with all the time.

Yes, I'm super bored!

An Indian summer is not to be trifled with. It bears down on you till you give in and realize that you against the sun is actually hypodermis against a friggin star. And air-conditioned indoors don't have much to offer especially when the one other person you know in this place is busy getting his act together. So, you eat, spend hours on facebook, eat some more, watch movies and sleep a desultory sleep. If it weren't for Ashok, this would be unbearably similar to my days alone. Of course, there are good parts. I'm just don't write well enough to be able to put the good parts into words. Yeah, if you know anything of me, you'll know that I'll go ahead and try to put the good parts into words anyway and fail. There's tickling, giggling and getting punched in the belly. There's battles over the lone mirror we're both obsessed with. Silly jigs which start off with one of us coming up with a ridiculous dance move and the other picking it up. There's fighting till I sulk in the kitchen and then get magically airlifted back to the living room and peace. There's getting drunk and acting more drunk than we are. There's sleeping under the stars and spotting Venus. There's happiness.

There's all this but nothing to do. So would be writing more often than usual till I find somethin to keep me busy.